Benchlearning among Public Employment Services in the Western Balkans

Event Status : Past Event


Julian Hiebl, Labor Market Expert, Austrian Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection

Nand Shani, Team Leader, Employment and Social Affairs Platform, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)

Inspired by the European Union experience, the Public Employment Services (PES) of the Western Balkans have embarked on a regional initiative that aims to contribute to enhanced organizational development and improved performance through the identification, sharing and replication of good practices. The main aim of such an initiative called “benchlearning” is to encourage and support reflection on how Public Employment Services operate and how they could improve their effectiveness. Benchlearning combines benchmarking and mutual learning activities as it provides inspiration for and practical assistance in implementing change that will lead to performance enhancement.

The Western Balkans Benchlearning initiative includes three main elements: collection of quantitative indicators that describe PES inputs and performance; qualitative benchmarking of PES management and service delivery processes to support reflection on PES performance in systematic ways (covering 22 performance enabling areas of PES work) and mutual learning activities.

The Benchlearning initiative among Public Employment Services of the Western Balkan economies is organized within the framework of the Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP), managed by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). Mr. Julian Hiebl will share his experience with PES in several European countries, followed by Mr. Nand Shani’s presentation on the design and implementation process of the initiative as well as key findings and results, and a discussion will follow.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 08:30
The video conference connections was available at the following World Bank offices: Belgrade (IFC 4-401), Podgorica (2), Prishtina (2-21), Sarajevo (16-10), Skopje (1-01), Tirana (8-801), Vienna (19-8), and Washington, D.C. (4-300).