Busulla.COM: Kosovo’s National Virtual Career Guidance Information System

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Stefanie Brodmann, Senior Economist, Global Protection and Jobs GP


Daniele Cristian Passalacqua, Chief Technical Adviser LuxDev, Project KSV/020 Support to the Reform of VET in Kosovo

Sovran Berisha, Project Manager of the Busulla System

The Jobs Gateway in South Eastern Europe Community of Practice is honored to host Daniele Cristian Passalacqua (LuxDev) and Sovran Berisha (Basic Check & Smart Bits) who will present on the national virtual career guidance information system in Kosovo. Busulla.COM is the official national platform that supports occupational orientation as well as education and career guidance over five phases: self-recognition, exploration of occupations, exploration of education institutions, identification of job and internship vacancies, and online adviser. Busulla.COM also includes tools that facilitate the communication and cooperation between schools and employers with the objective to better understand expectations of businesses in terms of candidates they hire and demand for specific occupations. Busulla.COM is accessible by all students in public schools in the country, serving as a one-stop platform in the process of career education and orientation. It has been made available both as a web and mobile application interface to ensure easy access and usability countrywide. The tools are part of a broader set of activities to support capacity and structural management development of the TVET School System in Kosovo.

Busulla.COM is implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) with support from the  Luxembourg Development Cooperation (LuxDev). The public-private partnership between MEST, LuxDev, and Basic Check & Smart Bits has not only lead to the establishment of the national virtual career guidance information system, but also aims at guaranteeing its sustainable maintenance and further development.  

Daniele and Sovran will present on Busulla.COM and its functionalities, including how the platform works.

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 08:30