First Vienna Conference on Western Balkans Labor Markets

Event Status : Past Event

April 4

The challenges of employment and labor market data in the Western Balkans

Chair: Christiane Westphal (European Commission)

Presentation: SEE Jobs Gateway website and database (Fatbardha Ajeti, World Bank/Monika Schwarzhappel, wiiw)


Marius Wilk (Austrian Public Employment Service)

Mihail Arandarenko (University of Belgrade)

Edin Šabanović (Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

April 5

The challenges of labor market institutions and policies

Chair: Johannes Koettl (World Bank)

Presentation 1: Serbia National Employment Service efficiency analysis (Sara Johansson, World Bank)

Presentation 2: Performance management of public employment services in Austria (Marius Wilk, Austrian Public Employment Service)

Presentation 3: Rising to the Youth Employment Challenge: What works? (Niall O’Higgins, International Labor Organization)

Discussant: Vanja Ivosevic (Regional Cooperation Council)

The challenges of inactivity

Chair: Hermine Vidovic (wiiw)

Presentation 1: Activation of social assistance beneficiaries: What works? (Mirey Ovadiya, World Bank)

Presentation 2: The role of labor income for poverty reduction and gender (Monica Robayo, World Bank)

Presentation 3: Migration, remittances and inactivity (Marjan Petreski, University American College Skopje)

Discussants: Vladimir Gligorov (wiiw)

The challenges of better employment

Chair: Mario Holzner (wiiw)

Presentation 1: The role of informal employment (Ardiana Gashi, University of Pristina)

Presentation 2: The role of public employment (Vojin Golubović, University of Donja Gorica)

Presentation 3: Low-wage and precarious employment (Mihail Arandarenko, University of Belgrade)

Discussants: Will Bartlett (London School of Economics)

The challenges of productivity

Chair: Josefina Posadas (World Bank)

Presentation 1: Strengthening Work-Based Learning in VET: Challenges and Approaches (Margo Hoftijzer, World Bank)

Presentation 2: The role of labor demand (Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski, University American College Skopje)

Presentation 3: Competitiveness (Mario Holzner, wiiw)

Discussants: Xavier Matheu (ETF)


Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 02:00 to Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 05:30
World Bank Office, Praterstrasse 31, 17th Floor, Vienna, Austria
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Fatbardha Ajeti
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