Reviewing the Internal Certification Process for Employees in Serbia’s National Employment Service

Event Status : Past Event


Gonzalo Reyes, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Global Protection and Jobs GP


Jasmina Santic, Job Matching Methodology Office, National Employment Service

Svetlana Stojkovic, Head of Department for Professional Development and Training of Employees, National Employment Service  


The Jobs Gateway in South Eastern CoP is honored to host Ms. Jasmina Santic and Ms. Svetlana Stojkovic from the Serbian National Employment Service (NES) to present on the development of a new training program and certification process for NES employees who work with employers and the unemployed. In 2017, under the World Bank’s Competitiveness and Jobs Project, the reform requires NES employees to attend professional training focused on the procedures and principles of NES case management and get tested to receive certification. Workers will be required to get re-certified every four years if there are any changes in their work.

Jasmina Santic and Svetlana Stojkovic will describe this internal certification process, including the participants in the process, instruments used, outcomes and follow-up activities.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 08:30
The video conference connections will be available at the following World Bank offices: Belgrade (7-715), Podgorica (2-60), Prishtina (2-07), Sarajevo (16-10), Skopje (0-03), Tirana (IFC 8-801), Vienna (17-11), and Washington, D.C. (7-500).